.   NOTE: Report any bugs or issues at
.  www.ZEscape.com/feedback

.  Discuss feedback, issues or ideas with other players !
.  Official ZEscape Discord: https://discord.gg/suHm9W7
.  Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ZEscapeOfficial
  How to Play?

  This is a brief overview on how to play ZEscape:

  When hosting a game it will wait until there are at least 2 players
.  before the game begins

  Humans run for their lives and attempt to make it to the extraction point.
  Some levels have multiple stages when humans win.
  This mode enables humans to pick ability classes, support/DPS.
  The Reaper is randomly chosen from the zombie team after some time.

  A classic hide-and-seek game mode, humans team up or spread out
  to either defend a position or hide until the timer runs out.
  This mode does not allow any ability classes.
  The Reaper can be spawned after a zombie has taken enough damage
  or eaten enough brains.

 Key points of interest:

  Gun Vendor


  Press “E” to interact. Change your weapon loadouts
  and pick ability classes if available.
  The Gun Vendor can be found early on in every level.

  Human ability class/tier overview


  The Reaper


  Powerful, resilient, but easier to hit. The reaper can unleash
  devastating abilities at the human team.


  The Reaper Claws and Snare can be dangerously effective at
  pulling back or slowing down humans.

  For the time being, the reaper can still deploy a leftover from
  the earliest prototype stages of the ability system.
  Pressing “Q” will drop a circle heal area, slightly healing all undeads
  in the vicinity.

.  Gates

  As players progress through the levels, advancing quickly and
  triggering the gate mechanism is critical to their survival.
  However don’t abandon your team and make a run for
  an open gate too hastely.

. Checkpoint teleports may punish players
  that fall too far behind.

  Extraction zone

  Victory is near! Reaching the extraction zone triggers the final stand.
  Hold out and prevent any undead from entering the zone, or all is lost.