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ZEscape – The online madness is coming…

[IMG] Screenshot from the last closed alpha, 13.10.2017

What is ZEscape?
ZEscape is an asymmetric online team PvP FPS that pits a human team against a relentless team of undeads. The humans attempts to get through levels and stages while defending and covering their teammates from the undead team, across challenging jumps, climbs, hold-outs and boss fights.
The more players that fall pray to the undead team increases their numbers and further tips the balance of the match.

Gun Vendor and Ability Classes

Every stage has a Gun Vendor where human players can swap around their equipment load-out, as well as pick a limited amount of MMO-inspired Ability Classes of two main categories (Support and Elementals), which become essential to survive end-boss stages.

Our player replenishes a friend’s ammo supply. The boss is displeased :<


At some point during a round, a random undead player will become a Reaper,
being able to dish out punishing abilities that further ups the challenge for the human team.


Development Progress

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Have a MAD day!