ZEscape Client update released

Patch notes
-Fixed bad visibility states in dead-end walls for clients joining a match-in-progress
-Reduced issues with grenades not spawning if obstructed by collision mesh
-Increased radius which players can aim on and see other players names
-Increased headshot pushback power
-Disabled volumetric shadows and dynamic shadows for flashlights (Performance)
-Fixed bad flashlight states
-Added resolution options to settings menu
Lists all supported resolutions of the current primary monitor
-Added Windowed mode option to settings menu
-Blood decal from death’s now despawn after 60s instead of being permanent (Performance)
-Final Stand area should no longer bug next round if humans loose after activating

Level Changes

-Fixed level exploit
-Improved collision with planks crossing over boats

Temple of Death: Stage II
-Fixed bad collision meshes where players could get stuck

Dark Yard
-Fixed out-of-world exploit
-Fixed bad ladder placement

-Fixed bad collision meshes where players could get stuck
-Fixed mlg level collision exploits
-Fixed missing collision meshes at the end of level
-Relocated the ZED teleport of horrors at the acid/pipe defend area